high quality

Designed to bootstrap the Arbitrum Blockchain ecosystem with the first generation of high-quality projects and help grow Arbitrum Blockchain landscape.

ArbitrumPad is poised to catalyze a wave of innovation on what is set to be a major smart contract platform on the Arbitrum Blockchain.

How it Works?

Arbitrum Pad is the premier IDO platform for projects building on Arbitrum Blockchain. Arbitrum Pad is designed to provide an idyllic environment for building powerful new applications on Arbitrum.

The first Launchpad on Arbitrum blockchain. Guaranteed Allocation, Curated Projects, Staking Benefits.


IDO, token, price and vesting information

Public Sale
Token Price


Token Supply

1 Billion $ARBPAD

Circulating Supply


Market Capitalization


  •   Team: 10%
  •   Ecosystem: 12%
  •   CEX Listing: 6%
  •   Public sale: 34%
  •   Liquidity: 17%
  •   Staking/Rewards: 17%
  •   Marketing: 4%

Arbitrum Pad TIERS

Project tokens for sale in Arbitrum Pad IDOs will be split

ARB Bronze 0.5M $ARBPAD Twitter Like, Comment &
Yes 10
ARB Silver 1M $ARBPAD Twitter Like, Comment &
Yes 20
ARB Gold 3M $ARBPAD None Yes 30
ARB Platinum 5M $ARBPAD None Yes 40


  • $ARBPAD holders receive a guaranteed allocation for upcoming projects based on their duration and number of tokens holdings.
  • Arbitrum Pad team individually vets all prospective projects for the launchpad. Only the best of the best make it to the public.
  • The deflationary nature of $ARBPAD, redistributes 1% to Holders & another 1% is burned, making $ARBPAD scarce with each transaction.
  • Locking $ARBPAD tokens in the staking contract for longer periods earns higher allocations and staking rewards.


Phase I

  • $ARBPAD Tokenomics Design
  • ArbitrumPad SC development
  • Launchpad Development

Phase II

  • Token deployment & Audit
  • Launchpad Release & IDO
  • DEX Listing

Phase III

  • Marketing & Partnerships
  • CMC/CG listing
  • Staking platform development

Phase IV

  • 1st Project on launchpad
  • DEX Development
  • Staking Platform Live

Phase V

  • DEX Launch
  • ArbLock Development
  • Listing on Centralized Exchanges

Phase VI

  • Multi-Chain Offerings
  • ArbLock Live
  • Support for more chains

Incubator Program

As Arbitrum blockchain has experienced exponential growth, the number of new projects has exploded. In this new landscape, a premium is being placed on selecting & investing in only the best projects. Our new incubator program will select & support the most promising teams & projects giving them our attestation of quality.

Via our incubator program, you will have access to:

Our legal department to help you set up the best jurisdiction for your token and project

Expert tokenomics design and vesting schedule creation

In house development support, token contract creation and auditing

Access to our marketing and KOL network

Exclusive access to our IDO platforms for the ultimate launch

Invaluable industry connections via our advisor and extended network

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